Out and About in LA: FALL Corgi Beach Day 2016

A few months ago the “SoCal Corgi Beach Day” group held their annual summer event in Long Beach. While not owning a Corgi myself I decided to go down to Long Beach and cover the event. What I didn’t realize is that the group decides to do the same event TWICE a year. This time the Fall portion of the event took place way down south of LA in Huntington Beach. So while most of you are handling the start of the cold spell in your region I will personally go to see some dogs frolics on the beach. So enjoy me “winning” with the highlights:
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Out and About in LA: Warner Bros Studio Tour

One thing Los Angeles has is a bevy of movie studios. What’s a good thing about that? Well apart from lots of job opportunities you got studio tours! A while back I toured the Sony Studios which was a lot of fun but it felt like it could’ve had more. Luckily my parents, who came to visit a few weeks ago, gave me a surprise trip to Warner Bros Studios! So below are a bevy of photos of what I found interesting with this tour. I would definitely recommend it because: A) It’s a lot longer and B) There are a lot more interesting, historical items to look at.
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SDCC ’15: Entertainment Breakdown

This year’s buzz at San Diego Comic Con was what you expect a comic book convention: Movies! No I’m joking. It was also about television. Okay, mostly everything was about TV and Film. But hey, they are all based on comic book properties….So there’s that. Not a sign that the industry didn’t learn its lesson from Birdman or anything….(coughs)….

Here’s a breakdown of some of the big teases from this past weekend:
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