Out and About in Culver: Culver City ArtWalk 2016

The neighborhood of Culver City is very proud of its own arts district. Driving down Washington Blvd you will see many galleries and studios showcasing today’s generation of artists. Once a year Culver City decides to highlight their arts district with an official “ArtWalk”. If you happened to be at Washington Blvd on October 8th (between Helms and La Cienega Blvd) then you could witness some truly fine pieces of art in Los Angeles.
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Out and About in California: Salvation Mountain

Holy crap it is 2016! Which means I have been in Los Angeles for nine months now. Absolute insanity. I still have a job and my future is still looking bright moving out here. But just because I have a professional life doesn’t mean I’ve given up traveling around. This year I resolve to go outside of LA though and explore this vast area we call the West. But we’ll take it one step at a time and stay in the general, Southern California area.

So join me for my first venture of 2016. Join me at SALVATION MOUNTAIN

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