Out and About in LA: We Hate Movies at the Hollywood Improv

If there is one thing Los Angeles is known for it’s…Well “movies”. But another form of media the city loves to consume is comedy. Some of the country’s greatest comedians got their start here in LA and, in one form or another, gone on to great success. It was surprising to me that I have not gone to one of the more famous stand up venues in the city. Luckily that all changed when a certain podcast group in New York City came to town.
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Out and About in California: The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

So here’s the deal: I am not a fan of Ronald Reagan. I am too young to experience his time as our President but with enough reading material on him (NEUTRAL I might add) I have a good opinion on the guy. But regardless of how you feel about him he was still one of our leaders; especially in an age where the country almost went into another tailspin. So, for good or ill on HOW he did it, he certainly has a legacy that we all still feel today.

One of the major hotspots my parents wanted to see while visiting me was The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Again, regardless how you feel on the man I have to say: The guy has a hell of a museum decided to his legacy. It might twist some of the facts around and is way too positive at some points for my liking. But overall it was an enjoyable visit. Hell, the views alone in Simi Valley are worth the price of admission. So below are a few highlights of the building and its surrounding vistas. Take your political views out the door and just enjoy what this museum has to offer.
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Out and About in LA: Warner Bros Studio Tour

One thing Los Angeles has is a bevy of movie studios. What’s a good thing about that? Well apart from lots of job opportunities you got studio tours! A while back I toured the Sony Studios which was a lot of fun but it felt like it could’ve had more. Luckily my parents, who came to visit a few weeks ago, gave me a surprise trip to Warner Bros Studios! So below are a bevy of photos of what I found interesting with this tour. I would definitely recommend it because: A) It’s a lot longer and B) There are a lot more interesting, historical items to look at.
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Today in Photoshop: WHM Podcast Presents The Wolverine 4

For today’s Photoshop it is another fandom piece. But this time instead of Funhaus I am going to another amazing set of comedians with the We Hate Movies podcast. They are a podcast that loves to cover bad movies and their most recent episode in The Shadow they talk about unrealistic body types in superhero movies. This, in turn, led to them discussing how they would like to be involved with another Wolverine sequel where Eric Szyszka will play Sabretooth and Stephen Sajdak (and their third partner in Andrew Jupin directs). So you know where this is going…
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Great Movie Scenes #018: 71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance (1995)

Michael Haneke is a very frustrating man. His films never have a cheery disposition and every time you finish one of his movies you need to take a nice, cold shower. From his first film to what he’ll bring the rest of his career I very much doubt we’ll use the word ‘happy’ in a review. But there is no denying he is a brilliant filmmaker and one of the things I personally like about him is how he loves to keep the frame on one place for long stretches of time. For example check out an excerpt from an early feature of his called 71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance:
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Favorite Films: Crumb (1994)

Last year I did a year long feature on my top twenty five favorite films (or at least as of 2016). There was a lot of contenders and it did take me a long time for figure out what is the best of the best. Luckily even with a list finalized that means there are more films to discuss in the future. So this post starts a semi-new series of discussing what are my favorite films outside of the top twenty-five.

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