Out and About in LA: FALL Corgi Beach Day 2016

A few months ago the “SoCal Corgi Beach Day” group held their annual summer event in Long Beach. While not owning a Corgi myself I decided to go down to Long Beach and cover the event. What I didn’t realize is that the group decides to do the same event TWICE a year. This time the Fall portion of the event took place way down south of LA in Huntington Beach. So while most of you are handling the start of the cold spell in your region I will personally go to see some dogs frolics on the beach. So enjoy me “winning” with the highlights:
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Out and About in LA: The Huntington Library

As you all know I have been to many, many museums since moving to Los Angeles. I’m a fan of the fine arts and of history as a whole. One place has fallen through the cracks though and that is The Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens. Nestled in San Marino, California (close to Pasadena) it is a research and fine art facility formed by railroad tycoon Henry E. Huntington. Thank god for crazy tycoons because The Huntington Library is probably my favorite museum I’ve experienced since moving. It is a sprawling area where if you are sick of the history/art (but why would you?) there is an entire garden to explore with different fauna in zones. Unfortunately at the time of this visit it was off-season for the gardens so everything wasn’t in bloom. But hey, it gives me an enormous excuse to come back and boy will I ever. Even if you aren’t into history or art you have to go out here and experience this place. But here is a preview of what to expect when it comes to the area:
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