Out and About in Culver: Culver City ArtWalk 2016

The neighborhood of Culver City is very proud of its own arts district. Driving down Washington Blvd you will see many galleries and studios showcasing today’s generation of artists. Once a year Culver City decides to highlight their arts district with an official “ArtWalk”. If you happened to be at Washington Blvd on October 8th (between Helms and La Cienega Blvd) then you could witness some truly fine pieces of art in Los Angeles.
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Out and About in Venice

I’m not a beach kind of guy. The idea of laying on sand, with the mucky ocean, and a blazing sun just never appeals to me. There are much better ways for me to relax which is why you see so many posts regarding walking around. But there are a few places I love to go to when it comes close to the ocean. Back in Jersey places like Wildwood and Atlantic City were hotspots because there were a ton of things to do outside of the shore. A place like Venice Beach in LA reminds me a lot of those areas where I grew up. Lots of interesting visuals, people, and stores to look around. Hell it’s kinda like a place for the homeless to thrive and showcase their wares to the public. It is an ingenious way to get money if you really know how to create. Anyways, if you have never been to the area let me give you a taste of what there is to offer.
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Out and About in LA: Wilshire BLVD Pt. 1

So work has been pretty hectic of late. Have not been able to go out and really appreciate the city as I did during the summer. But I still have days off and will still go out when I get the chance. Recently I went BACK to the LACMA and wanted to calm myself by appreciating some art. Afterwards I decided to venture Wilshire BLVD and see what it has to offer. Now I realize this is just one part of the boulevard and it will take a bit until I explore the entire thing in full. But in Museum Row, or Miracle Mile, there are a few things to keep notice of.
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