Out and About in Culver: Culver City ArtWalk 2016

The neighborhood of Culver City is very proud of its own arts district. Driving down Washington Blvd you will see many galleries and studios showcasing today’s generation of artists. Once a year Culver City decides to highlight¬†their arts district with an official “ArtWalk”. If you happened to be at Washington Blvd on October 8th (between Helms and La Cienega Blvd) then you could witness some truly fine pieces of art in Los Angeles.
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Out and About in Culver: Culver City Centennial

I’ve been living in Culver City for about a year and a half now. It has been a great neighborhood to get my footing in Los Angeles and enjoy my new life out in the West Coast. I’ve had my share of adventures in Culver City but I did not realize it was gonna have its own, very special anniversary in 2016. About 100 years ago a man by the name of Harry Culver had his dreams come true with the formation of Culver City. Now, if you look at the history books he did this in 1917…which is NOT a hundred years. Irregardless of this “slight” oversight the town has decided to celebrated and I decided to go downtown Culver to see what all the hubbub would be.¬† Continue reading

Out and About in LA: Family Reunion II

A while back my sister (along with her boyfriend’s family) visited me to see my new digs in Los Angeles. Well now it is time for my parents to get into the mix! While my dad helped me move from New Jersey to Culver City, this would be the first time my Mother ever went to California. So we had a lot of big things planned both on a micro and macro scale. For the next couple of weeks you’ll see what those areas were in full. But for now enjoy a series of photos of me and my family enjoying the time we had together.
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Out and About in LA: 1 Year Anniversary

A little over a year ago I started a journey. I was asked by a major television company to move on from New Jersey and live in Culver City. Two dreams were FINALLY given to me by not only working in the industry I desperately wanted and also getting to live out in the city where my dreams can hopefully come true. It has certainly been a wild ride since moving on out to the west coast. I’ve made a lot of friends, networking pals, and worked in a variety of jobs I never dared thought was possible.
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Out and About in Culver: The Culver Stairs

One of the big reasons people will go to Culver City is an infamous hiking trail. On Jefferson Blvd there is a scene overlook called the ‘Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook’. It’s innocent looking enough: twisty paths and some gorgeous scenery along the way. But at the halfway point there is an ominous set of stairs, Yes, you heard me: stairs. They are so famous that many professional athletes come here to run up and down. Now it sounds silly I know, but wait until you see them. In fact, with the year quickly coming to an end I decided to try these stairs for myself. Let’s end the year on an upbeat moment of triumph considering everything that’s happened to me this past year.
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Out and About in Culver: Sony Pictures

There are a lot of things I had to do in Los Angeles just on the off chance I will have to move back once my time at my new job ends. (Spoiler Alert: That’s coming sooner than you think. Yikes.) One of the big ‘to dos’ is do tours of all the major studios of Hollywood. Luckily there is one major studio right around the corner from me and it’s Sony Pictures. Now I could go on about their recent quality of flicks as of late. But I am not here to judge. I want to show you guys and gals what it is like to tour a major studio such as Sony. Not everything could be shown for privacy reasons. But let me tell you this is a great place to spend an afternoon and marvel the new and old of this company.
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Out and About in Culver: The Museum of Jurassic Technology

While I love living in Culver City I must admit it is lacking in a few things. Mainly with museums as I needed to drive or use public transportation to get to any of these places I’ve shown you already. But Culver does boast one museum and it is called ‘The Museum of Jurassic Technology’. Whenever I asked anybody about this place all they would tell me is that it is the trippiest place you will ever be in. With such high praise(?) I finally took an afternoon to witness what makes this tiny building have such an aura of weirdness around it. By the end of my trip I learned that ‘trippy’ or ‘weird’ doesn’t even begin to describe this place. Words like ‘nightmarish’ and ‘unsettling’ are more apt.
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