Out and About in LA: We Hate Movies at the Hollywood Improv

If there is one thing Los Angeles is known for it’s…Well “movies”. But another form of media the city loves to consume is comedy. Some of the country’s greatest comedians got their start here in LA and, in one form or another, gone on to great success. It was surprising to me that I have not gone to one of the more famous stand up venues in the city. Luckily that all changed when a certain podcast group in New York City came to town.
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25 Favorite Films: Clue (1985)

With today’s age of filmmaking we are basically seeing ANYTHING turn into a film. Back in the day when it was only novels or plays we are now seeing the likes of video games, comic books, and now board games are in the mix. Movies like Battleship and Ouija come to mind which we all know how that turned out: i.e. not well. It seems pretty laughable that Hollywood has resorted to board games and ultimately it seems like we have finally started to run out of ideas. I bet though many people do not realize Hollywood has gotten into the world of board games before way back in the year 1985. What results is a madcap comedy that winds up being one of the best comedies ever made.
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25 Favorite Films: Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

In 1988 filmgoers got the equivalent of a ‘Marvel/DC Comics’ crossover in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. By taking a hard boiled detective story and mixing it with a cartoon universe we got every single famous cartoon character (at the time) in one place. You want Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny together? You got it!

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