Out and About in LA: Corgi Beach Day 2016

Who doesn’t love dogs? I love dogs and Los Angeles are overrun with the cute devils. Because of that we sometimes get a major celebration of the pups and have them all in one place. One of my favorite breeds is the Corgi; a hyperactive and sometimes the most silly of the breeds. Down south in Long Beach at Rosie’s Dog Beach there was a gathering of all things Corgi with “Corgi Beach Day”! Let me tell you that I have never seen such a huge gathering of dogs in my life. I would make this kind of meet up 24/7 if I could. But for the few hours I was there I was able to pet, take a picture of, and run into all kind of Corgis. So get ready to say ‘Aw’ with me:
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Out and About in San Francisco: Day 2

Here is now part two of my Memorial Day trip to San Francisco! To see part one please click on the link here.
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Great Movie Scenes #022: Independence Day (1996)


Let’s be honest: We ALL know this moment in Independence Day. It is the most quoted line in the film, apart from that kick-ass speech by President Whitmore towards the end, and it obviously has left an enormous impression for people on Will Smith. But can you IMAGINE what this line would’ve been like if it came out today? The internet was a thing in 1996 but not even close to what it is today. In our Reddit/Buzzfeed culture “Welcome to Earth” would have probably destroyed our brains. Or maybe it would have been so overplayed we would’ve been sick of it after the first couple of weeks.

Who knows if this (pointless) sequel will even come close to the level of popularity and be as quotable as the original. I somehow doubt it will come even close to matching the mindless, cheesy, and totally awesome sci-fi action epic. If there’s no Will Smith to welcome a slimy alien to our planet then it has already lost me.

Out and About in LA: Let’s Play Live

It’s no mystery that I am a fan of Let’s Play YouTubers. Specifically of the Funhaus/Rooster Teeth kind as I’ve gone to a Dude Soup Live show AND I’ve created many photoshops of the Funhaus gang. There is now a new notch I can put into my fandom for these groups by going to a major event of theirs. Specifically, on June 17th, the Rooster Teeth team went to Los Angeles to perform LET’S PLAY LIVE at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. I could not make it to their initial show in Austin on 2015 but I knew nothing was going to stop me from seeing this.
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Out and About in San Francisco: Day 1

There are four major cities in California. In the south you have Los Angeles and San Diego. Up in the north you have the two, other major cities by the bay with Oakland and San Francisco. Earlier, during the Memorial Day weekend, I decided to head up north to visit The Golden City in San Fran. NOTE: This two parter is not an entire overlook of the city. I just visited the major (some would say “touristy”) areas. So if anyone is crying that I missed that and the other I say: I’ll be back baby.
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Today in Photoshop: Random Funhaus 2

You’ve all seen my various Photoshops of the Funhaus crew the past couple of months. A good portion of the community seem to enjoy them so why not show you, the general audience, what I’ve concocted lately? I’m sure it will baffle most but hopefully it all makes you laugh as that is the intention.

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