All About Me

Welcome to OH, MOVIES! Yet another blog dedicated to the world of film. OH MOVIES schedule is weekend based and each Sunday you’ll see a review of a new movie released. Every Saturday is dedicated to a post on a series including:

LIVE TWEETING: Where I post my views at certain times during a film.

GREAT MOVIE SCENES: Self explanatory but this is where I discuss a favorite moment in a film.

25 FAVORITE FILMS: A series that will be updated in full by the end of 2015; this looks at my all time favorite films. 25 to be exact. These will be posted on the anniversary of their release.

HOW NOT TO: This is where I’ll muse how movies do something wrong and how to fix it.

OUT AND ABOUT IN LA: I’ve been living Los Angeles since May of 2015 and have experienced a lot in my travels. Come see what makes the city alive as I experience what it has to offer.

All of that and much more, admittedly, random topics as the blog moves forward. Hope you all enjoy what I have to offer and see you at the movies!


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