Out and About in LA: FALL Corgi Beach Day 2016

A few months ago the “SoCal Corgi Beach Day” group held their annual summer event in Long Beach. While not owning a Corgi myself I decided to go down to Long Beach and cover the event. What I didn’t realize is that the group decides to do the same event TWICE a year. This time the Fall portion of the event took place way down south of LA in Huntington Beach. So while most of you are handling the start of the cold spell in your region I will personally go to see some dogs frolics on the beach. So enjoy me “winning” with the highlights:


1Here is the gorgeous view of the Huntington Dog Beach, the setting of the event. (Notice the “totally not polluted” skyline in the distance.)

2It’s a dog beach alright. No Corgis though…yet.

3So many dogs aka the luckiest man on the beach.

4The most “artistic shot I’ll have in my life.

5Arrived at the Event! You can tell cause it almost looks like a Hooverville with the tents.

The Event

6The main contest floor with schedule of events. Fun Fact: This was the only time I could take a picture of this cause it got INSANELY crowded. There might have been more pooches ready to do tricks and show off their costumes than last time. So sadly no talent contest, limbo’s, or Best Momo’s this year.

7The first Corgi butt of many.

8So here’s a nice, celebrity sighting. It’s Ryen Lung and Gatsby the Corgi from YouTube’s VlogAfterCollege! I am not a major fan of Vlogs except for Ryen’s. He’s got a pretty fun channel filled with his dog Gatsby, hanging out with his friends, and any other adventures he gets into. I recommend viewing it here.

9Why not have a sit down with a caricature artist to create an artistic representation of you and your SC. (Significant Corgi)

10Loved Stranger Things? Then take a photo with your pooch in this lovely photo opportunity!

11Maybe instead of photos you can have this awesome looking pieces of art hanging on your walls!

12This professional photographer was so busy getting Bat-Corg she didn’t realize two, new friends also wanted a photo op as well.

13Hey…even us humans need a bathroom break. We can’t all pee/poop in the ocean!

14.jpgStarted getting a bit hot out so this pooch had the right idea!

15These divas were hogging EVERYONE’S camera!

16This is Derek. The owners are not sure what kind of mix their dog is other than Corgi. I have never seen a mixed breed like this. Out of all the breeds and costumes I think Derek was the standout of the event.

17These Corgs LOVE merchandise!

18Meanwhile this tiny mix breed dug himself a nice, cool place to nap.

19Making friends everywhere.

20So many wet doggos. I weep for everyone who had to clean/dry these guys afterwards.

21Yeah…lots of people here today.

22But also a lot of dogs too! (Far left Corgi is enjoying the swim.)

23Corgis marching the beach!

And Finally…COSTUMES!

24Ace Pilot Corg!

25Spaghetti Corg!

26Gary the Corgi!

27Wonder Corg!

And we end today’s blog with the best photo of the day and also a totally not irrelevant political reference in a few weeks….28Ken Bones the Corgi!


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