Out and About in Culver: Culver City ArtWalk 2016

The neighborhood of Culver City is very proud of its own arts district. Driving down Washington Blvd you will see many galleries and studios showcasing today’s generation of artists. Once a year Culver City decides to highlight their arts district with an official “ArtWalk”. If you happened to be at Washington Blvd on October 8th (between Helms and La Cienega Blvd) then you could witness some truly fine pieces of art in Los Angeles.

(I do want to stress that this post does not cover EVERY single gallery and EVERY piece of art showcase within. If I did that this would be one of too many parts to cover it all.)

Below here are some of the highlights of the ArtWalk:

Participation & Dancing1People of all ages can be apart of the art scene!

2A sampling of students and other artwork

3Here is an interpretive dance group. Shown: Me 24/7

4My Space Ninja Totoro

Washington Blvd Galleries + Street Art 

5First, of many, street art down the boulevard

6When I took this I wanted to get the whole display. Didn’t notice the Gator till afterwards.

7Even more street art

Launch! Gallery8Several of Rob Hill’s artwork. A great mix of Hip-Hop, Urban, and De Stijl.

Sixty29 Contemporary9Ghirigori II by Carlo Marcucci

Think Space Gallery10I Made My Bed, Now by Allison Sommers (Aka “Also Me 24/7”)

La Cienega Blvd Galleries

Kopeikin Gallery11Rainbow Mount Assinboine by Katie Shapiro

12I Like Your Butt by Hiejin Yoo

Edward Cella Art + Architecture13Unfortunately I could not find info on this. But I love how minimilistic it is.

14Mirage by Jun Kaneko

Lurie Gallery15Dub Dollars by Dub Williams

16I Feel Like Michael (Unfortunately I did not see the artist name before leaving.)

Walter Maciel Gallery17Epithelia by Tm Gratkowski

18Different View of Epithelia

19Newcomer by Robb Putnam

Honor Fraser20Bruce by Ry Rocklen

Paul Loya Gallery21Unknown

Luis De Jesus Gallery22Yet another Unknown on my end. Apologies I cannot find the artist and/or title of the piece in some of these.

23Detail of the same piece from above

Back on Washington Blvd

Berliner Architects28Various models from the many designs at Berliner

29The many coffee cup artwork of Stanley Federmann

30Great Depths by Logan Maxwell Hagege (This was at an unmarked Gallery down the road from Berliner)

31This man was very perplexed by this street art

Best for Last

Blum and Poe

Back on La Cienega Blvd to rewind to an art gallery I wanted to save for last. At Blum and Poe they have a major installation by Henry Taylor. What you see below is several rooms dedicated to what represents the major areas of influence for Taylor as an artist. The first image is a representation of his time on the streets, the second is a visual of a normal backyard of his neighborhood, and third is his private room dedicated to his art. I have seen a lot of installations all over but never one that is so massive but also so personal at the same time. If you are reading this before November 5, 2016 you owe yourself to walk around these three rooms to witness such a personal piece of art. But that is not the end of the Blum and Poe gallery…




Sign Exchange 1993-98 by Mark Grotjahn

On the second floor we have what is a peculiar series of artwork by Mark Grotjahn. On the surface it looks like a series of poorly made, commercial advertisements for local businesses. And that is exactly what they are! What Mark Grotjahn realized that there was some sort of beauty and use of abstract in people making these advertisements. So he would ask the stores if he could take their ads, essentially make copies, and give his copies to the store. He somehow learned how to appreciate art more by taking in all of these ads and would go on to make beautiful (and original) pieces thanks to these quirky period in his life. It all might look bizarre and pointless without knowing what this is all about but if you read the backstory on this it becomes quite fascinating.


Just because the ArtWalk is over by the time you read this it doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate them in person. Go to all of these galleries showcased, and the others I DIDN’T cover, and walk in. You can normally walk in at specific times or even by appointment. Some are even meant to be sold so if you love the art and wanna help any of these people out it would be a cool thing to do. Culver City seemingly have a wealth of talented people and I, for one, appreciate having to experience this in person.


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