Out and About in LA: We Hate Movies at the Hollywood Improv

If there is one thing Los Angeles is known for it’s…Well “movies”. But another form of media the city loves to consume is comedy. Some of the country’s greatest comedians got their start here in LA and, in one form or another, gone on to great success. It was surprising to me that I have not gone to one of the more famous stand up venues in the city. Luckily that all changed when a certain podcast group in New York City came to town.

For LA Podfest 2016 the “WE HATE MOVIES” gang (Andrew Jupin, Stephen Sajdak, Eric Szyszka, and Chris Cabin) flew down to have a two show night at the Hollywood Improv. Luckily not only did they decide to come down to my new neck of the woods BUT also the Improv is literally a twenty minute walk from my work. So I bought my tickets for both shows and decided to have a fun and funny night. Here are some of the highlights:

Traveling to Event1So here are some obligatory Dog pictures since that has become a running theme of this blog as of late. Above is the tinest Corgi I’ve ever seen on Fairfax Avenue…I desperately want one.

2And here is an adoption center right in the middle of Fairfax called Bark N’ Bitches. While I want a Corgi I’ll take any one of these puppies home.

3Or these puppies too.

4Watching some of the Fairfax High School Football players get their practice on.

5On Melrose Avenue. Apparently there is just a place that sells lights and/or chandeliers.

6Another fashion store or hopefully what I can strive to be in retirement.

Arriving & The Shows7And here it is! The Hollywood Improv on Melrose.

8A pretty hip, and filled to the brim (not shown the crowd outside) bar.

9A pretty swanky bar to be precise.

10The stage! Couldn’t believe how lucky I was to catch this close of a seat for the first show. The first show, by the way, covered the Hulk Hogan “classic” Suburban Commando. And yes, they DID joke about Hogan’s sex tape if you were wondering.

11Wasn’t technically allowed to take a photo while they were on but I managed to sneak one in. Look at those loafers Eric Szyszka got on! Pretty sweet.

12Different angle (aka different seats) from the 10pm show. This time the gang covered the movie they dared never discuss: Batman & Robin. Also, yes, they discussed the codpieces and nipples on the costumes. And somehow ISIS as well.

Mandatory Fan Meet13After the show the gang decided to stay for a meet up with fans and also give out posters. This is their pretty awesome, Chris Walton designed poster for their Suburban Commando show.

14Here is Andrew Jupin after hearing a bad Trump joke & awkward Batman & Robin experience.

15Here’s Stephen “Mr. Popular” Sajdak whose cool shirt got everyone excited.

16Glad to have some time to give him thanks and also get some fashion tips.

17Finally Eric Szyszka became one of those guys at the bar who not only wanted to hear what you had to say (like the rest of the WHM gang of course!) but also laughed at your jokes! Seriously he was a super nice guy and I want to hear more of his thoughts on the Batman & Robin tie-in novel.

(Not pictured is RIPD Chris Cabin as I forgot to get a pic. But he was nice all the same!)

18So after a few hours of comedy, talking, and spit takes (#SplashZoneSajdak) I had an absolute blast with these shows. I really hope WE HATE MOVIES comes back sooner than later and we can enjoy this all over again.


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