Out and About in LA: Rowan at Dodgers Stadium

A little over a year ago I went to my first Dodgers game. (You can find the post here so I won’t bore you with another tour of the facilities.) Dodgers Stadium itself is pretty damn gorgeous and on this Saturday jaunt it was an absolutely perfect day to play baseball. But what makes a perfect day of baseball even better is to be with friends. So a few of my pals from Rowan University came together to what ended up being a fun day for all. Here are some highlights below:

Union Station1Taking public transportation has its advantages. For example: The train station named “Union Station” close in the heart of LA has some gorgeous sights if you stop for a few seconds.

2Even the architecture for the bus stops are a sight to behold.

3I don’t know who basically represents me in this photo. But the dog seems to be chilling quite nicely.

The Game4Right outside the gates.

5The game underway. (It was Pirates v. Dodgers on 8/13/16 FYI)

6Who knows what the result of this pitch was?

7View right at my seat in the Right Pavilion section. For only $30 you get a lot of bang for your buck. Hot as Balls though if I can muster a tiny complaint.

8Of course you gotta have a Dodger Dog while you’re here!

9With it being hot as balls I also got some ice cream.

10With this being Vin Scully’s final season this will be the closest I ever come in meeting the man.

11Here are (in order) Ed, Adam, and Cameron enjoying the game. And not playing Pokemon Go trying to capture a Gym nearby…

After the Game12So how come me, Adam, Shane, and his friend are staying after the game? How did we get access on the field?

13Cause we got to see Ferris Bueller’s Day Off afterwards! Forgot how great this movie was and watching it on the big screen at the stadium definitely was a surreal experience. (Note: The screens were perfectly fine showing this. For some reason my iPhone had the image look like this when taking the picture.)

And that’s it! A lot of fun, like I mentioned, and we got to see a pretty sweet movie afterwards. This day reminds me how many great friends I have from college living out here in LA. Also, I should go to more Dodgers games cause for roughly $30-40 bucks you get amazing seats when watching a game. I think this group picture below showcases our overall feelings for the day:



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