Out and About in LA: Corgi Beach Day 2016

Who doesn’t love dogs? I love dogs and Los Angeles are overrun with the cute devils. Because of that we sometimes get a major celebration of the pups and have them all in one place. One of my favorite breeds is the Corgi; a hyperactive and sometimes the most silly of the breeds. Down south in Long Beach at Rosie’s Dog Beach there was a gathering of all things Corgi with “Corgi Beach Day”! Let me tell you that I have never seen such a huge gathering of dogs in my life. I would make this kind of meet up 24/7 if I could. But for the few hours I was there I was able to pet, take a picture of, and run into all kind of Corgis. So get ready to say ‘Aw’ with me:
The Layout
1The overall layout of Corgi Beach Day

2Some cute pooches admiring the awesome logo

4Owner and Corgi getting their caricatures done

5Or how about get some Corgi earrings?

6Of course we humans need our fix as well

The Beach7Dogs on the beach!

8Almost the same image but I like how the two Corgis in the center make a pattern

9On the other side of the beach

10These pups are pretty cool jumping in the water

11Meanwhile this one is too scared to be in the water so his owner hovers him above it when the waves come in

12A panorama of the beach itself

Corgis!13This little one’s coat is pretty thick…

14…hence the tongue being out.


16A “Merle” color Corgi!

17And another “Merle”!

18This one is a “sexy senior” thanks to her pink outfit

19While this adorable little guy is barely six months old

20Tried not to interrupt this one on a dig

21The most well behaved twins on the beach

Costumes!22So many Corgis in costume. Some for the costume contest (shown below) but mostly owners being pretty cheeky. This one has a tiny hat.

23While this dog is the coolest on the beach

24This Corgi is a real hot dog

25A rare Monarch Corgi

26And here is one of a few pictures I took on the official costume contest. This little puppy is Mr. America.

27While this dog is Gonna Make America Great Again!

28The first of the two best costumes I saw: “Corg Washington Crossing the Delaware”

29The second best is Lady Liberty with a “Corgi Light” (Corgi below is just photobombing the contest)

And there you have it! That’s just a taste of what the annual Corgi Beach Day brings. Hopefully when 2017 rolls around I will bring my own little guy (or girl) to the festivities. But before this post ends just remember to Click Your Corgi’s Seatbelt or You’ll Get A Ticket:30


2 thoughts on “Out and About in LA: Corgi Beach Day 2016

  1. Very cute post! I don’t have a Corgi, either, but I love Corgi Beach Day…can’t wait ’til October at Huntington Beach Dog Park. Funny dogs, and always a good time 😎


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