Out and About in San Francisco: Day 2

Here is now part two of my Memorial Day trip to San Francisco! To see part one please click on the link here.

For my second day here in the city I decided to hit more “low key” areas. People obviously still flock to these landmarks but not as egregious as say the Golden Gate Bridge. Again, I didn’t hit EVERYTHING on my two day stay but hopefully I get to come back here soon enough to experience more of the area. For now enjoy some of the lights of my second and final day in the city:

City HallIMG_3293As I was on my way to a brunch with a friend I noticed this gorgeous dome in the distance. Kinda reminded me of some of the places I saw in Paris, specifically Napoleon’s Tomb. What this ended up being was City Hall! So I stopped for a brief second to look over this gorgeous building.


IMG_3297Also, a panoramic view of the opposite site of the street. From left to right you have the Symphony, the Opera House, and Herbst Theatre. So if you want fine arts this is obviously where you need to go.

Brunch & Isotope ComicsIMG_3298So I have a friend in San Francisco name Jon and you’ll see him in a second. We decided to have a nice brunch and go to a notable store for some shopping. Above is where we had brunch in Pork Store Cafe by Valencia and 16th Street.

IMG_3301My Brunch! “The Santa Fe Scram” It is egg, chorizo, red chili, and sour cream. Alongside with hash and two biscuits. In a simple word: Delicious!

IMG_3300Before we left I noticed this gorgeous Mission right down the street. It is called the Mission San Francisco de Asis. Absolutely stunning building.

IMG_3307Our store of choice! Isotope Comics is one of the more notable comic book stores in the country. It’s where the hip people go to get their fill of superheroes, graphic novels, and anything of that ilk.

IMG_3303It looks small but there is a fantastic collection of books here. Notable to the left is one of the employees in James Sime. One of the hippest men in the industry.

IMG_3304Me and Jon end our visit together with a pose. Can’t thank James enough for being so nice and taking the photo. Didn’t get much in the store but hanging out with a friend is whats important.

Golden Gate ParkIMG_3314The title is not wrong. Here is one side of the Golden Gate Park.

IMG_3315And here is where the park actually begins! I feel like I am back in Solvang…

IMG_3313Windmills and Tulips?

IMG_3310Lots and lots of views of the park looking like this.

IMG_3316One of the many lakes that are around the park.

Haight-AshburyIMG_3318Do you like hippies? Do you like counter culture? Do you like people pretending to be both and also live in gorgeous homes? Then the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood is for you! Seriously though, this place was my jam. Loved the people, the sights, and the various stores & buildings that populate the street.

IMG_3321Some artwork

IMG_3323Not into piercing or tattoos, but I would have either in this building.

IMG_3324Example of some of the “wackiness” of the buildings.

IMG_3330Jimmy Hendrix tribute art.

IMG_3334The variety in some of these buildings are amazing.

IMG_3337Also: Dogs! More importantly: Puppies! Some person had a box with the mother dog and her puppies. Kinda wish it would have been okay to just grab one of the puppies and run.

IMG_3332Here is the unofficial mascot of Haight-Ashbury!

IMG_3346Dinner later in the night. Parada 22 aka ‘Puerto Rican Food’.

IMG_3345Dinner: Chicharrones de Pollos. Basically it is fried chicken, spanish rice & beans, a salad, and Tostones (Fried Plantains). In another adjective: Scrumptious!

Final Spot: Painted LadiesIMG_3341Do you love Full House? Do you love the equally terrible Fuller House? Well you might recognize THESE houses! Wait…not these…

IMG_3344These houses! They are colored slightly different but if you watch the opening titles of both shows you will see these in the background. These are pretty looking for sure but man is it a pain in the ass to walk these streets.

And there you have it! My time in San Francisco has come to an end. I hope all of you enjoyed this two week series and fancy yourself visiting it in the near future. If you are a resident of the area I hope I did a good job representing it despite it being mostly tourist hotspots.


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