Great Movie Scenes #022: Independence Day (1996)


Let’s be honest: We ALL know this moment in Independence Day. It is the most quoted line in the film, apart from that kick-ass speech by President Whitmore towards the end, and it obviously has left an enormous impression for people on Will Smith. But can you IMAGINE what this line would’ve been like if it came out today? The internet was a thing in 1996 but not even close to what it is today. In our Reddit/Buzzfeed culture “Welcome to Earth” would have probably destroyed our brains. Or maybe it would have been so overplayed we would’ve been sick of it after the first couple of weeks.

Who knows if this (pointless) sequel will even come close to the level of popularity and be as quotable as the original. I somehow doubt it will come even close to matching the mindless, cheesy, and totally awesome sci-fi action epic. If there’s no Will Smith to welcome a slimy alien to our planet then it has already lost me.


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