Out and About in LA: Let’s Play Live

It’s no mystery that I am a fan of Let’s Play YouTubers. Specifically of the Funhaus/Rooster Teeth kind as I’ve gone to a Dude Soup Live show AND I’ve created many photoshops of the Funhaus gang. There is now a new notch I can put into my fandom for these groups by going to a major event of theirs. Specifically, on June 17th, the Rooster Teeth team went to Los Angeles to perform LET’S PLAY LIVE at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. I could not make it to their initial show in Austin on 2015 but I knew nothing was going to stop me from seeing this.

A word of note: I was in the upper mezzanine so these upcoming photos of the event are a little high up. But regardless of where I was placed this was an amazing show and I definitely recommend anyone to come out next year and give this group a shot. Even if the idea of playing video games as a career seems odd to you this is the perfect group of people to showcase why this is an excellent form of entertainment. In fact I will post links to the groups memorable videos in each picture so you can see for yourself why they are all so awesome. So enjoy!

TravelingIMG_0029Before heading out I had to make sure to represent my favorite clan.

IMG_0031Right outside the Dolby Theatre! Funny story: The LA Metro nearly screwed me out of seeing this show. Not to get too into it but the Expo line in Culver City just decided to crap out right when I needed to make a transfer. So instead of being stuck in the middle of LA I just got a LYFT ride and opted to pay a few extra bucks to get back and forth. No idea why the train has been so terrible of late but luckily it didn’t screw me up too much.

IMG_0032The stage! A pretty sweet set up with the desks below letting people sit and play the games. While the screen behind them will showcase the gameplay, the webcams of each player, and a live Twitter feed. Did that Twitter feed boil down to endless memes and pornography? You better believe it.

The ShowIMG_0033It begins! All six of the teams, 25 members on stage in all, come out to introduce the show.

IMG_0034We start off with a heist in GTA V! A staple of the Achievement Hunter crew. It SHOCKINGLY went well despite leader Geoff Ramsey biting the dust.

IMG_0035Kinda Funny vs Funhaus in Ultimate Chicken Horse. The winner gets to be Achievement Hunter’s frenemy. As the old adage goes: Funhaus Wins.

IMG_0038Speaking of Funhaus they came out later by themselves to play some Dark Souls! Unfortunately they were not allowed to drink on stage as they are famous for. So what did they do instead? Why dress up one of their own in a Gimp suit and did some BDSM…It’s complicated. Also, this got incredibly weird and god damn how much I love these people for it.

IMG_0039The Creatures vs ScrewAttack in Push Me Pull You! This started off incredibly slow but once it picked up god damn did it get tense. The Creatures and ScrewAttack played admirably and somehow made this ridiculous game fun to watch like a close NFL game. (Unfortunately ScrewAttack has never played the game before…So here’s a video of one of their biggest DEATH BATTLE episodes.)

IMG_0040More hardcore battles in Gang Beasts! This time it is Kinda Funny in a 5 on 1 Handicap match with Geoff Ramsey. Gang Beasts is a hell of a game to watch between people and considering this is my first time really watching Kinda Funny in person I got to love this group very quickly. If you want to see this game in action come see Kinda Funny’s video or the match up with them and Achievement Hunter as well.

IMG_0041The last game of the night with a 6 man battle in The Culling! Another tense filled outing but sadly had to end early cause of bad connection issues. Probably the only thing that would hamper Let’s Play “concerts” is bad wi-fi. What an age to be alive….But still it was still a fun game to watch despite the ending. If you want to see this game in action here is Achievement Hunter’s, Funhaus’, and James Wilson of The Creatures/Cow Chop.

IMG_0043And that’s the end! With a random, but entertaining, Just Dance rendition of Uptown Funk. Or Uptown Disk if you wanna keep it in the group.

Overall it was a very entertaining night to see all of my favorite YouTubers and new faces on one stage. Maybe there was a hiccup or two along the way but the show as a whole was pretty darn good. Well organized, staged, and had some great moments in between the gameplay I didn’t show. (And there was some other game plays I didn’t even show.) If they come back here for another outing I will definitely return or even if it stays in Austin I will drive down there to see it. I am that dedicated to this group.

And on that note I have to say that this group continues to inspire me as we move on. Rooster Teeth as a whole but all of their Let’s Play entities as well. They are showing what the future of entertainment is for my generation. But also, especially with Funhaus, I continue to be impressed with how they are able to entertain in a post production sort of way. Their editing has been refined so much in the past year I could easily see them in play on television based on their style of humor. One of these days I hope I can find myself working with these men & women or in the very least be considered a member of the Rooster Teeth family. So I thank everyone who was on this show, made it up, and helped fund it as well. Great work by all.


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