Out and About in San Francisco: Day 1

There are four major cities in California. In the south you have Los Angeles and San Diego. Up in the north you have the two, other major cities by the bay with Oakland and San Francisco. Earlier, during the Memorial Day weekend, I decided to head up north to visit The Golden City in San Fran. NOTE: This two parter is not an entire overlook of the city. I just visited the major (some would say “touristy”) areas. So if anyone is crying that I missed that and the other I say: I’ll be back baby.

My overall thoughts before going in is that San Francisco is a gorgeous city. Absolutely gorgeous. It is amazing how spoiled we are in that we have so many stunning places we can call home. I will admit that some things are a bit hectic and as a cold weather hater the nights were freezing! But it is hard to complain when there are so many great things to experience in this historic city. Obviously if you have never been you have to come out here and explore this area. So below is the set of highlights from my first day of traveling and exploring San Francisco. Tune in next week for another set of my SECOND day venturing out.

TravelingIMG_3207Started off super early and now on the I-5. Some random, beauty shot while on the road.

IMG_3213Another beauty shot! Forgot where I was but there are various, vista points where they encourage people to stop. More for stretching I’m sure but the view ain’t bad either.

IMG_3214On the Bay Bridge! Looks modern and slick.

IMG_3215Closer view of the Bay Bridge.

PiersIMG_3220On the waterfront by the piers! Here is a view of the same Bay Bridge in the distance.

IMG_3221Fishermen on one of the piers with the Bay Bridge in the distance.

IMG_3222First view of the city by the pier. Transamerica Pyramid on the left and Coit Tower on the right.

IMG_3227Pier 39! A sea of tourists, traps, and storefronts. Also, a big surprise at the very end!

IMG_3232Carny rides!

IMG_3233Another view of the city. But wait…what’s that sound?

IMG_3234It’s sea lions!!

IMG_3235So…many….sea lions!!

IMG_3238A king looking over his people.

IMG_3239Alcatraz in the distance.

IMG_3247By the end of the pier is this museum called The Musee Mecanique. A collection of penny arcades and games from the early 1900s to today.

IMG_3248Example: Laffing Sal

IMG_3249The Thimble Theatre

IMG_3254and Drunkard’s Dream!

IMG_3255The final end of the piers with Fisherman’s Wharf. And with the Wharf comes lunch!

IMG_3257My lunch: Some Fish and Chips. Honestly not a fan of fried fish but I had to try local seafood. Analysis: Delicious!

Golden Gate BridgeIMG_3260I don’t know if you guys are aware but the area where the Golden Gate Bridge is placed is gorgeous.


IMG_3262A closer view of the bridge.

IMG_3265An even closer view. There is seriously not a bad view of this thing.

IMG_3266Views of the city aren’t bad either.

IMG_3270As you can see I was enamored by the bridge.

Chinatown and Grant AvenueIMG_3273In Chinatown! Must admit this area didn’t really “wow” me like I thought it would. It looks like any other Chinatown I’ve been such as Los Angeles’ and back home in Philadelphia. But my hotel was situated here so I took some pictures.

IMG_3276Kinda hoping more of Chinatown would look like this.

IMG_3277Some pretty artwork though.

IMG_3278Went to this little place for dinner in Chinatown. Thought it was neat cause it claims to be over 100 years old. Turns out A LOT of places claim or are actually that old (or older).

IMG_3279Dinner: Chow Fun with Duck. Tasted good!

IMG_3282Official entrance of Chinatown with Dragon Gate.

IMG_3283Grant Avenue! Noticed this street had a lot of interesting storefronts. Must have been its fashion district cause a lot of major retailers and names frequent here.

IMG_3284I’d live in an apartment that’s lit in blue.

IMG_3285Interesting set of buildings next to each other. Kinda weird the flat building holds a Marshall’s while the fancy, Roman Style architecture is an Armani brand.

And that’s all for my first day! Hope you all enjoyed and stay tune for next week for my second, full day of adventure in San Francisco!


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