Today in Photoshop: Random Funhaus 2

You’ve all seen my various Photoshops of the Funhaus crew the past couple of months. A good portion of the community seem to enjoy them so why not show you, the general audience, what I’ve concocted lately? I’m sure it will baffle most but hopefully it all makes you laugh as that is the intention.

Salty Lawrence

Salty Lawrence

Good old Lawrence has been salty with his gameplay as of late (ESPECIALLY in Rocket League). So, somehow, I thought he would make the perfect mascot for Morton Salt! An incredibly simple design but sometimes the simplest can be the best (you’ll see it frequently in this article). I am particularly proud of the slogan I put at the bottom.



Bruce Greene likes to keep gloating that he is related to Pocahontas. Who KNOWS if that is true as he loves to claim he is also mix of a variety of nationalities. But when I saw this old painting of the real Pocahontas I felt this expression by Bruce perfectly fit the painting.

Mt. Funhaus

Mount Funhaus

Out of all the media shown here today this one I feel is the weakest. But I still wanted to show it because not only was it the most complicated of the bunch but I still think there are redeeming qualities. I think Lawrence and Bruce (two on the right) blended pretty well and the brown staining of the rock almost matches. Adam and Lawrence though are still pretty wonky despite the face Adam makes still making me laugh. I am proud of the fact that I made it SOMEWHAT work and not giving up which is the important thing. Even if it is not going your way just keep going at it. You’ll learn as you go and eventually get what you want with practice.

Bust of Adam Kovicus

Anicent Adam Bust

Another experiment that worked out much better than Mt. Funhaus. Thanks to a handy guide on YouTube I figured out how to make an Ancient Roman bust of Adam Kovic. This, along with Mt. Funhaus, made me use the Filter Gallery a lot more which is handy since I now feel more confident using them to experiment more. The face might look more like bubble wrap than a smooth, marble-like surface. But I still liked how this turned out.

Dolphin Screamer

Dolphin Screamer

The most recent of the batch; the guys played a truly bizarre Frozen/Seaworld flash game on Wheelhaus. The moment I finished watching this I thought, after laughing incredibly hard, of a Blackfish-style movie poster on how badly they abused this fictional dolphin. So the hard hitting documentary Dolphin Screamer was born. Not as complex of an attempt like the previous two but this has enough small details in it that I really liked. Fixing the head of the original to fit Bruce, the idiotic film festival “leaf” design, and the quotes. You don’t have to be too flashy or flashy at all to make a good impression on people. Like the Salty Lawrence piece above sometimes the most simple of designs work.


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