Out and About in LA: Malibu Creek State Park

Los Angeles is spoiled with the nature that is around them. Most only think of it as a major metropolitan city where films are made. However, if you take a little drive out in any direction you will see how many natural wonders is around. One such place is out in the major beach city of Malibu in the aptly named Malibu Creek State Park. Along with my friend, Michael Bollweg, both of us decided to hike the major hiking trail which took us two and a half hours and eight miles to accomplished. Along the way we also saw a major landmark in television history. But I will let you see that for yourself in the highlights below.

Malibu Hindu Temple

Before we got to the park my friend decided to pull over to take us to this wonderful building. For whatever reason a group of devout Hindus decided to build a temple out in the middle of the mountains. Not only is the architecture gorgeous but it just feels like a calm and peaceful place to walk around. We need more buildings like this in the city itself.

IMG_0001Outside the temple

IMG_0002Closer detail of the temple.

IMG_0003One of several statues of Hindu gods around the temple.

The Park

The park itself is incredibly gorgeous. A huge mix of forest, shrubbery, and desert it is a complex mix of climates. One minute you will feel like your in a jungle but then take a few steps and the rock formations makes you feel like you are in the southwest desert. There are so many things to bask in while walking that the following photos are just a few tastes of what you’ll experience.





The M*A*S*H* Set

All of you millennial know the hit show M*A*S*H right? Well it was a SUPER BIG deal back in the day and a lot of the show was filmed right here in the mountains! For whatever reason the studios decided to leave a few tokens and set pieces from the various shoots they filmed in this location.

IMG_0008The overall set

IMG_0010My friend Michael’s (or at least his back) sitting in the cramped seat.

IMG_0017Me posing for my redneck trucker future.

IMG_0011The iconic sign.

IMG_0016We’re lost!

IMG_0012A random shack!!

The End

The rest of the hike was just as beautiful was the beginning. Although you will notice it turns more in a desert landscape with the mountain formations and erosions. California is a complex state and this is only a taste of what the Southern portion of the state brings. Hopefully with this little tease of what this state park showcases will make you want to venture out on your own.IMG_0015




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