This Week in Soundtrack: Man of Steel (2013)

We’re way pass Batman v Superman but the wounds still hurt. Well I personally didn’t see it cause I knew disappointment was going to follow. But judging from everyone else, fans and critics alike, it sounded like a pretty disappointing film. One thing that is a constant is how Superman, as a character, has basically died. Either no one knows what to do with him or they have remodeled him into something unrecognizable. Which is pretty strange because if you listen to the scores by Han Zimmer there is still a glimmer of hope. More specifically with this track:

With the long title of “What Are You Going To Do When You Are Not Saving The World” this is without a doubt my FAVORITE Superman theme. There have been a lot but boy oh boy did Zimmer get it. It starts off incredibly light and slow but it starts to build up significantly. Drums start echoing, horns burst their way in, and soon it turns into a completely different melody. It starts going fast on you and if you close your eyes you can imagine Superman speeding his way to whatever trouble is in front of him. In fact, close your eyes in the beginning too because when I do so I can imagine Sups floating in the sky.

They used this track HEAVILY in advertising and my god did it work. The trailers were cut around it and we all got fooled quite easily that this first Zack Snyder outing was going to work. But boy were we wrong, DEAD WRONG, when it came out. It’s like the agency that made the trailers understood more who Superman was than the men who shaped this film. Seriously go watch those initial trailers for this film and you slowly realize that indeed NO ONE at WB knew what movie they were making. WB/DC Entertainment are steadfast on making this new take on Superman and the DC Cinematic Universe work. I won’t be around to see whatever shape that goes into. I’ll just be on YouTube watching these trailers and listening to this gorgeous piece of music, close my eyes, and dream what might have been.


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