Out and About in LA: Warner Bros Studio Tour

One thing Los Angeles has is a bevy of movie studios. What’s a good thing about that? Well apart from lots of job opportunities you got studio tours! A while back I toured the Sony Studios which was a lot of fun but it felt like it could’ve had more. Luckily my parents, who came to visit a few weeks ago, gave me a surprise trip to Warner Bros Studios! So below are a bevy of photos of what I found interesting with this tour. I would definitely recommend it because: A) It’s a lot longer and B) There are a lot more interesting, historical items to look at.

IMG_2997Easy to tell where you are with the tower in the distance

IMG_2995At the main doors

IMG_2996Outside the main doors are some big statues of Bugs and Daffy! Wish we could see those two more often on television…

IMG_2998Start of the tour! Here is ‘Lot H’ where a crap ton of films have been shot. From Road to Perdition to The Last Samurai to Annie.

IMG_3004Fake Arts & Crafts store in Lot H

IMG_3006More facades which look a lot like NYC buildings

IMG_3005We got to see how fake these buildings are and inside the tour guide told us a recent episode of Supergirl was filmed inside

IMG_3007Love the show Pretty Little Liars? Oh doctor then you are in for a treat! One of COUNTLESS references and filming locations of this CW show. Never seen an episode but the German tourists behind me the entire tour LOVED this.

IMG_3008Fake building which True Blood episodes were filmed in

IMG_3009A weird mix of product placement and a joke…

IMG_3023A WWII Honor Roll for all who served during those years. Great idea of a tribue.

IMG_3011Fake, small town where old and new projects are filmed such as The Music Man

IMG_3012Onto fake Chicago

IMG_3014Still in fake Chicago

IMG_3020Courthouse/Mayors office. In fact the Commissioner’s office for the 1960s Batman show was filmed here.

IMG_3010Went through a cul-de-sac which, no surprise, Pretty Little Liars is filmed. Other shows include Gilmore Girls (and the upcoming season) and Full House (along with Fuller House).

IMG_3021Studio lots as far as the eye could see

IMG_3022The Lot where Friends was filmed

IMG_3015At this point we went into a building to see…Harry Potter props/costumes! Not a major fan of the books/films but it was still cool to see these things. Above are the costumes from the first film of Harry, Hermione, and Ron.

IMG_3016Dobby the House Elf puppet

IMG_3017BIG Spider!

IMG_3018Harry’s broomstick

IMG_3019A bigger view of the room. It WAS a room of Batman costumes…but just missed it.

IMG_3026Then we went into a building that holds hundreds, if not thousands, of movie props from over the years. Above are various statues from The Maltese Falcon.

IMG_3027The West Wing Oval Office props

IMG_3030The chairs Neo and Morpheus sat in for the infamous ‘Red Pill/Blue Pill’ scene in The Matrix. And various Agent Smith clones from The Matrix Reloaded.

IMG_3031So many obsolete phones…

IMG_3032The infamous leg lamp from A Christmas Story

IMG_3029Samurai decorations from Inception

IMG_3040Now it’s onto Batman! A whole wing filled with the Batmobiles and various props. Above is the Batmobile from Batman ’89.

IMG_3043Catwoman costume from Batman Returns

IMG_3033Robin’s cycle from Batman Forever

IMG_3035Batmobile from Batman Forever

IMG_3039The Tumbler from The Dark Knight trilogy

IMG_3041Batman statue from The Dark Knight Rises

IMG_3038Batmobile from the recent Batman v Superman. Looks cool up close but…still looks too ‘busy’ design wise for my tastes.

IMG_3042At least there’s the signal

IMG_3048Academy Award winning costumes from Mad Max: Fury Road

IMG_3047Various backgrounds built for The Lego Movie

IMG_3046SHOCKINGLY the Superman suit from Man of Steel is colorful in bright lights

IMG_3045Original, Bruce Timm story boards for the opening titles of Batman: The Animated Series. I can seriously hear the theme song while looking at these.

IMG_3051Batsuit from The Dark Knight

IMG_3050Superman’s Cape from Superman ’78

IMG_3049Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman outfit from the 1970s series

IMG_3053Warner Bros various awards throughout the years

IMG_3055That Sucker is heavy!


IMG_3063For late lunch/early dinner me and my family went right next door to Dog Haus. People say Pink’s is where you go for Hot Dogs in LA but we ACTUALLY heard that this is where you should go.

IMG_3057The decor and the loud music is a bit of a turnoff to be honest. But it makes it all up in the food:

IMG_3056First the drink! Leninade is just Lemonade but carbonated. +100 points for the hilarious, 1960s Soviet propaganda printed on the bottle.

IMG_3062Dinner! Old Haus Dog (Hot Dog w/caramelized onions, jalapeños, chipotle aioli, and cotija cheese) and Tater Tots. Absolutely delicious! Although, as a Jersey boy I have to keep stressing: LA does not know how to do bread.

And that was that! I hope with this collection of photos you have interest in seeing this studio. WB might be suffering a bit in the movie department but there is a great amount of history with this place that you will be amazed what this place can be at its heights. Although if you aren’t a fan of Pretty Little Liars or Gilmore Girls then the constant references might be a tad annoying. I still had a blast and we had some great dinner to boot. So yeah, head out to Burbank and see this place!



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