Out and About in LA: Family Reunion II

A while back my sister (along with her boyfriend’s family) visited me to see my new digs in Los Angeles. Well now it is time for my parents to get into the mix! While my dad helped me move from New Jersey to Culver City, this would be the first time my Mother ever went to California. So we had a lot of big things planned both on a micro and macro scale. For the next couple of weeks you’ll see what those areas were in full. But for now enjoy a series of photos of me and my family enjoying the time we had together.

IMG_3058      Me and my Dad outside my apartment.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 8.14.15 PM.pngAnd me and my Mom outside the apartment.

IMG_3059      All three of us outside of Warner Brothers Studios. Don’t believe me?

IMG_3060   Told ya!

IMG_3061      All three of us at a Central Perk recreation at WB

IMG_3094     Me and My Father’s extended family in Palmdale. My Uncle Eddie (not shown for health reasons) worked on the Voyager 1 probe!

IMG_3097     My mother outside the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

IMG_3096     My Father going for his Mussolini look

IMG_3095          I tried to be more Presidential

IMG_3093All three of us outside Reagan’s Air Force One Plane. This is super lame.

IMG_3098     Me and my Mom posing at the Will Rodgers State Beach

IMG_9665Dad posing with Al Jolson’s cement handprints at TCL Chinese Theater

IMG_0463All three of us at the start of Mulholland Drive, looking over the Hollywood Sign

And that’s it! We had a lot of fun together and my parents had an absolute blast driving around Los Angeles and California overall. It really does help having such a loving family and they can come visit when they can. It might be a while before I see them all in person but I’ll treasure these moments for a long time.


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