Today in Photoshop: Adam Kovic-McDonald’s Spokesman

During the May 4th Dude Soup podcast Adam Kovic said THIS about critiquing Call of Duty games with McDonalds. So that turned into this beauty of a masterpiece:

I don’t know why I find this to be so good, but I do. Sometimes the simplest of edits make things better. All I did was take a headshot of Adam Kovic, which is easy enough to find, and paste it over the original photo. (Would LOVE to know what happened to this original guy after 1971.) Then by learning more about layer masks and using the blur tool more effectively I was able to blend his face as if it is actually behind the Big Mac. Again, pretty simple but effective. Then I cropped out the original text from above and added his quotes. Sadly my only issue with the thing is that I couldn’t really match the third line with the original text. Either my copy of Photoshop doesn’t have it or my career as a Typographer is dead in the water before it started. Either than that little quibble though this makes me laugh every time I see it. And that’s all that should matter in the end.


One thought on “Today in Photoshop: Adam Kovic-McDonald’s Spokesman

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