Out and About in LA: The Getty Villa

Way back when I first moved to LA I went to The Getty. A gorgeous  piece of real estate that holds some pretty impressive artwork.  I’ve gone back a few times because not only is the art gorgeous to look at but the views around the estate are a sight to behold as well. Little did I realize that The Getty has a second, separate location down the Pacific Coast Highway. Deemed ‘The Getty Villa’ this museum houses very specific treasures of Ancient Rome and Greece.

Now I have no qualms about the beautiful sculptures and artifacts of these amazing cultures. I’ve read so many books on both subjects that I have found new respect for what is essentially the birth place of complex humanity and democracy. HOWEVER…I must admit that the various marble busts and countless vessels tend to blend itself after a while. I much prefer actual paintings or other forms of art we got much later in human history than the limited scope that was these Ancient times. But, again, I respect what these cultures were about to create and this Getty Villa does have a lot to offer for many. Here are just some of the things you will see when you visit:


View of the Ocean at the top of the stairs

The actual doors to the museum (it’s a long walk!)


The Museum
Water Jar with Dionysos and Poseidon

The Marbury Hall Zeus
Vessel with Leda and the Swan

Hygieia Aphrodie
Pretty sweet hall that houses this Aphrodite
Wall Fragment with a Muse
Sarcophagus Panel with Medusa and Theater Masks

Wall of Ceiling Fragments with a Maenad, Bacchus, and Ariadne, and a Satyr
Small Gardens at the Museum Entrance

Main Garden

Reverse Angle of the Garden
Second Story view of the Garden

Much smaller Garden on the East Side of the Building
Sarcophagus with Scenes from the Life of Achilles

Mosaic with the Removal of Briseis
The Lansdowne Herakles

Harp Player
Brown and Yellow Snake

Container and Flask with Green, Blue, Gold, and White Ribbons
Blue Perfume Flask with White, Yellow, and Turquoise Feathered Decoration

Wall Fragment with a Woman and a Leopard
Statuette of a Squatting Ibis

Coin Belt

Bust of Emperor Augustus
Wall Painting with Nike

Faustina the Elder
Painted Coffin

Mummy of Herakleides
Mummy Portrait of a Woman

Port Scene
Victorious Youth


And that’s it! So if you are a big fan Ancient Rome or Greece then I would highly recommend it. Even if you aren’t, you can tell the views and overall architecture of The Getty Villa is more than enough reason to come visit. And if you don’t like ANY of this? Well how about views of the Pacific Coast Highway?


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