Out and About in LA: Mulholland Drive

It is surprising how many scenic drives Los Angeles has. Yes, it has the feel of a cramp city filled with celebrities and tall buildings. What’s AROUND the city though showcases the true beauty it has. Slightly up north there is an iconic piece of road called ‘Mulholland Drive’. Apart from being the name of an amazing David Lynch movie, the titular road has given the industry a bevy of gorgeous scenery to showcase. I wonder if it was a happy accident that the founders of this city knew they had prime real estate when they noticed this chunk of land. Now Mulholland Drive is LONG and what you are about to see is probably half of the journey. The other half the road turns a bit more ‘extreme’ with the mountains & road and honestly my 2010 Ford Focus can handle only so much.

This stretch of road needs to be seen by one’s own eyes though. While I am proud of the pictures you are about to see this is an experience many should have themselves. Like the Pacific Coast Highway there is not a bad angle of all the overlooks and the road itself. Hopefully posts like this will show that there is more to this incredible city than the bright lights and stars. 

The BeginningWe start at the beginning: Go on Cahuenga Blvd (on I-101) and you’ll find Mulholland Drive. From here you can see the Hollywood Sign. The people who made that thing must’ve realized there is no bad angle of it.
The first corner

The first of MANY overlooks. I could’ve done them all but there is just too many to count. So that means YOUR adventure will be unique!
View from the parking lot

View from above the overlook (With the Hollywood Bowl right below)

See? Not a bad view of the sign!
A few miles down we go to the next, major overlook: Universal City

Aptly named as you can see NBC Universal and Universal Studios in the distance

Laurel Canyon Park
So I did not realize this would be a long, major stop but Laurel Canyon Park is worth it. This was basically heaven for me cause: It’s a dog park!



Had to leave heaven eventually though and went to another, major overlook

There really is no bad view in this trip
Slightly higher up at Fryman Canyon

If you haven’t noticed in the distance with these photos there are some mighty fine houses up on these mountains. I’m not really big on architecture but this house in particular caught my eye
I mean when you have a view like that would you complain?

The End  So this is the end right here. Well at least when it comes to the “easy” portion of the road. Just to the left of the frame the road I saw that continued into Mulholland Drive was filled with dirt, rocks, and many potholes. Maybe someday I’ll go for another round and see if I can do the rest of this road. But you better believe nothing can change just how amazing LA has it with one, simple road.


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