Great Movie Scenes #020: The Warriors (1979)

I got introduced to The Warriors later in life than I should have. Walter Hill’s 1979 cult classic was lauded at the time for being an out of control action film. Watching it today it isn’t as violent or “dangerous” as it could be. But I am surprised any producer green lit this considering how silly some of the movie gets. Moments like this:

You’re watching a man swing a baseball bat like a sword and somehow it is played as real as real gets. I have to imagine this is what made the movie for executives because while this is somewhat later in the film there still is no other moment like it. There are gangs but no other gangs where people are literally cosplaying as baseball players with facepaint. The Furies are like a war tribe and even if 1979 New York City was a bit of a crime hellhole I cannot imagine police would abide to this. But give this film credit: It’s a fun action scene that’s paced pretty darn well. I doubt a group of armless thugs can beat up another group of thugs with bats. But hey, we live in an age where a film like Mad Max: Fury Road can exist. So who am I to complain?


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