Out and About in LA: ‘Round Grand Park

While this isn’t the first time I’ve ventured into Grand Park, this is the first time I’ve stayed there for a long period of time. It’s weird how Grand Park is designated as a park because it doesn’t remind me of any  park I’ve ever seen. Well actually I guess my hometown of Philadelphia has something a little similar with LOVE Park. But at least this park in LA has some sort of grass and places to play with the kids. Anyways, it was a bit of a cloudy day when this was taken but please enjoy these series of pictures out and around the park.

On the steps to the entrance
Next set is showcasing the fountain (even on a cloudy day it looks lovely)

Shout out the random, Christopher Columbus statue
At least a George Washington statue makes more sense

One part of the park with bright, pink benches/tables
One of many signs showing how to say Grand Park in different languages

Getting closer to City Hall
One side of a garden

Another side
Beautiful trees right at the edge
This is a pretty sick place for kids to play. I’m jealous

Vast field
Right outside City Hall

Above the front doors
Next two photos are the beautiful, mosaic designs

Not quite the view of from the steps like in Rocky, but still pretty to look at

‘Round Grand ParkOn the way back to the train station I ran into the Los Angeles Times. Sweet they keep such an old, 1930s design of the building intact
Sweet, stone design outside Broadway Spring Center

And we cap it all off with a sweet background of the city in the background


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