This Week In Photoshop: Random Funhaus

So it has been a while since I’ve done this feature and in that time I’ve done a bunch of Photoshops. Mostly involving, you guessed it, my favorite YouTube group in Funhaus. Most of these are gonna look mighty ridiculous so here are some explanations:

Elyse Willems: Motivational Speaker
Elyse Foley

From an Open Haus where Elyse delivers an amazing Chris Farley impression.


Trapping Matt PeakePeake's Trap

This one is interesting because Matt Peake (aka Pe/\ke) jogs down my street! I’ve seen him a few times and we’ve interacted slightly on Twitter about it. So I promised Pe/\ke that someday soon he would be seeing this trap of mine so we could actually talk.


Dalai AdamDalai Adam

For whatever reason this image came to mind when Adam asked the ultimate question on this Speedrunners gameplay.


Where’s Adam?Where's Adam_This one I am the most proud of. Where’s Waldo came into my brain one night and I thought: ‘Why not take one of the heads of the Funhaus group and hide them?’. It took a bit of effort and some tricks but somewhere in the image is Adam Kovic. When I originally posted this to their Reddit community most had trouble finding him (or claimed so anyways). So that made me pretty happy even though I can easily find them. But then again I made the damn thing so it’s no wonder.


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