Out and About in LA: Rodeo Drive

If any of you know me the idea of Rodeo Drive is laughable. I honestly don’t understand why clothing has to be so expensive despite the “name” value. Give me a few bucks and I’ll grab what I want at Target or something of that range. But Rodeo Drive is one of the more iconic roads of Los Angeles so despite my better judgement I decided to take a walk. Now I have to state that I didn’t take a picture of EVERYTHING and considering what I wore (ratted jeans and a Houston Texans hoodie) I doubt I would have been allowed inside any of these stores. But it must be said this is a gorgeous strip of land and with a strict rule on littering/smoking it would be nice if a lot of places looked like this. So to all of you (I’m gonna assume mostly ladies) enjoy a taste of what there is to offer.

Saint Laurent

Zadig & Voltaire



Max Mara




Rodeo Collection (A tiny court where more stores are located AND a beautiful resting area as well)



Stuart Weitzman

Salvatore Ferragamo






Miu Miu

Dior (again)


Tiffany & Co



Philipp Plein

Another little corner where you can walk around to see more store  


Stefano Ricci


David Orgell (One word: Monkey!)



Louis Vuitton


Dolce & Gabbana

Michael Kors


Emporio Armani



Tory Burch


Giorgio Armani


House of Dijan


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