Out and About in Pennsylvania: Dad’s 50th

So my old man turned 50 years old this past Thursday. A huge accomplishment for many and I cannot be more happy he was able to witness so many things in his life. (And counting, here’s to another fifty!) But one thing I wanted to make sure was to see my Dad’s face as we celebrate this special occasion. So my Mom thought it would be a good idea to have a surprise party with all of his family and friends gathering to celebrate with him. Without him knowing I also decided to go back home and surprise the old man when the big day came. So enjoy a little bit of a collage of some of the highlights of the big party.
The Trip
Middle of the night, getting ready to leave Culver City for the airport.
Arriving at LAX. Should do a post on this sometime when I do a major trip again.

You need a cool snack to march through a “cool” trip
On the plane, ready to go

Landed in Dallas! Not a bad airport but it was 5am in the morning and I was feeling punchy. Saw this restaurant though and thought: “This is totally Dallas”

Also: Another indication we’re in Dallas
Once again, ready to go!

Landed in Philly! Look at this beautiful view…

Mom picking me up, and also worried as hell over this surprise party

While waiting for the party I was holed up here with my Aunt and Uncle


The PartyWe held the party here at Hilltop

Planning the party
Everybody is here!

A collage of some of my Dad’s best moments
The decorations for Dad’s party. Can you tell he likes Landshark?

The gifts
The cake. Again, he loves Landshark…
A more “traditional” cake if someone didn’t like Landshark12909534_10209738490082296_6433270484153176666_oSince he had no idea I was coming this reaction is pretty genuine

Me and DadA better photo of us together.

We made sure he stayed with Mom the whole night
A shopping cart full of gifts. His family is weird…

Dancing…I think this is dancing?
Approval of the cake


And that’s it! What a wonderful night with my Dad being surrounded by friends and family. Here’s to you and fifty years of greatness Dad!



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