Great Movie Scenes #019: Snowpiercer (2013)

Snowpiercer is a crazy town movie. From start to finish it does not let up on just how bananas it is. The concept alone of a train continuously running during an ice age AND there is a caste system in play is more than enough to pique anyone’s interest. There are just too many scenes and too many small moments to cover in a series like this. However, one moment stuck out to me immediately after the first viewing:


This epic moment of the lower class fighting back against the security of the rich stands out for a couple reasons. For one thing it is a culmination of something equally amazing where a group of security guards, holding pick axes, mow down our heroes in the middle of the dark. Unfortunately that glorious moment, which got me a genuine ‘What the Fuck?’ out loud reaction in the theater, will be covered another day. The second is the pacing of the whole thing from Chris Evans (aka Captain America) screaming to get fire (the night vision wearing security’s only weakness) to the child running down initially at the end of the train to the one armed Andrew (Ewen Bremner aka ‘Spud’ from Trainspotting) yelling “Gotcha Motherfucker!”. All of this occurs with the third impressive thing about this moment is Marco Beltrami’s score. In the scene I mentioned that occurs before this Beltrami starts off with a dreary toll as we see countless people get horrifically murdered. As the fight starts to go into their favor you can hear the music swell up in this heroic, upbeat set of strings as the rest of the uprisers run into the fray.

This fire scene is just a small taste to watch to expect with Snowpiercer. A whole dose of craziness but inside that craziness is a series of impressive filmmaking. The score is timed perfectly, the acting by the various actors is fantastic, and I didn’t even get into the Cinematography by Hong Kyng Pyo. He, along with the direction by Bong Joon Ho of course, showcases how cramped this train is by having the dimmest of lighting possible illuminate these different compartments. I could do a whole article on why this film is an underrated gem, and in fact I will so stay tuned in the future, but god damn this one less than ninety second clip should get you enough interest to try this film out.


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