This Week in Soundtrack: Breakfast Machine

I’m not going to lie to you all: I WISH I was Pee-Wee Herman. Here is a guy who is clearly a grown adult but can act like a child. He has his life down pat even though it must be a little creepy to watch a grown, man-child at times. Case in point: how the man makes breakfast:
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Out and About in LA: 1 Year Anniversary

A little over a year ago I started a journey. I was asked by a major television company to move on from New Jersey and live in Culver City. Two dreams were FINALLY given to me by not only working in the industry I desperately wanted and also getting to live out in the city where my dreams can hopefully come true. It has certainly been a wild ride since moving on out to the west coast. I’ve made a lot of friends, networking pals, and worked in a variety of jobs I never dared thought was possible.
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Out and About in LA: Mulholland Drive

It is surprising how many scenic drives Los Angeles has. Yes, it has the feel of a cramp city filled with celebrities and tall buildings. What’s AROUND the city though showcases the true beauty it has. Slightly up north there is an iconic piece of road called ‘Mulholland Drive’. Apart from being the name of an amazing David Lynch movie, the titular road has given the industry a bevy of gorgeous scenery to showcase. I wonder if it was a happy accident that the founders of this city knew they had prime real estate when they noticed this chunk of land. Now Mulholland Drive is LONG and what you are about to see is probably half of the journey. The other half the road turns a bit more ‘extreme’ with the mountains & road and honestly my 2010 Ford Focus can handle only so much.

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Great Movie Scenes #020: The Warriors (1979)

I got introduced to The Warriors later in life than I should have. Walter Hill’s 1979 cult classic was lauded at the time for being an out of control action film. Watching it today it isn’t as violent or “dangerous” as it could be. But I am surprised any producer green lit this considering how silly some of the movie gets. Moments like this:
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Today in Photoshop: Live with Kelly and Sajdak

Recently on Twitter resident We Hate Movies podcaster Stephen Sajdak tweeted he would coyly work with Kelly Ripa as her new co-host. So, I thought it would be a perfect match up to showcase my recent Photoshop skills. Behold:

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Out and About in LA: ‘Round Grand Park

While this isn’t the first time I’ve ventured into Grand Park, this is the first time I’ve stayed there for a long period of time. It’s weird how Grand Park is designated as a park because it doesn’t remind me of any ¬†park I’ve ever seen. Well actually I guess my hometown of Philadelphia has something a little similar with LOVE Park. But at least this park in LA has some sort of grass and places to play with the kids. Anyways, it was a bit of a cloudy day when this was taken but please enjoy these series of pictures out and around the park.
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