Out and About in Las Vegas: Night

Early March I decided to take a trip to Las Vegas for the weekend. In Part 1 you saw what Vegas looked like in the day. For today’s post you get to see what the Sin City looks like during the night. Also, a little treat into the breakfast life of the city as well at the very end.
The Strip
NIGHT-The StripYou can’t see too far out but man is that a pretty sight.

Night LifeCouples dancing in the street thanks to this guy.

DinnerDinner! Went back to Paris and had a meal in Yong Kang Street. A mixture of Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

Dinner 2My meal at Yong Kang Street: Stir Fry Chicken w/Udon. Pretty good although I must admit this feels more “American” Chinese food than something authentic. But I can’t complain.

Night Life 2I remember as a kid these religious nuts were ALL over the place. Now these were the only two I saw during my time here. Are they completely wiped out?

The Strip (Like before I will go through in Alphabetical order)NIGHT-Bally'sBally’s



NIGHT-Food CourtFood court with The Veneitan behind

NIGHT-The Forum ShopsThe Forum Shops

NIGHT-The LinqThe Linq

NIGHT-Luxor and Mandalay BayLuxor and Mandalay Bay

NIGHT-MGM Grand 2MGM Grand

NIGHT-MGM GrandLion outside MGM Grand

NIGHT-Monte CarloMonte Carlo

NIGHT-ParisParis (Eiffel Tower)

NIGHT-Paris 3Paris (with balloon)

NIGHT-PARIS 2Paris (Arc de Triomphe)

NIGHT-New York New YorkNew York-New York

NIGHT-The Shops at CrystalsThe Shops at Crystals

NIGHT-SelfieEnding my night

Succeeding at GamblingInside Bally'sInside Bally’s and going to gamble the rest of my money

Inside Bally's 2First half went to this piece of shit machine. I didn’t see ANYONE come close to winning.

MonopolySo here’s how the night ended: I brought $100 with me and I was down to my last twenty. I put it in this touch screen Monopoly slot and boy did it made my trip. It was SUPER generous and I believe that is the machine in general. Cause I watched two, separate people come up to this afterwards and they also won a pretty decent amount.

Monopoly 2See? I came to Vegas with $100 and I leave fifty dollars richer. Take that Italian Mafia!

Final BreakfastHash House A Go GoSo thanks to my sister, who went years ago, she recommended me a place for breakfast. Inside Harrah’s you will find a place tucked in the corner called Hash House A Go Go. Apparently they are known for their ENORMOUS portions and she wasn’t kidding. Check out the image below for what I mean.

Hash House A Go Go 2That’s just one pancake! One! And the eggs/sausage that comes with it are hysterically small in comparison. But it was an incredibly delicious way to end my trip even if I couldn’t finish.


And thats the end of my trip! It was a wonderful, 24 hours in the city and considering how close it is to me (a five hour road trip) it certainly won’t be the last time I come back here. Who knows if I will be as successful at the slots or have a good set of meals. But one thing I do know: My feet will not go through the torture of so much walking.  I know there were monorails and other services to go around the strip but I decided to walk through what I could. Let’s just say it might take a while to get used to walking normally…


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