How Not To: Batman vs Superman

What has come out this weekend is not my Batman or Superman. THIS is my Batman and Superman:

Whatever notions you have about this new movie out I urge anyone to not watch it. It’s not the Batman, or Superman, we deserve. It’s a dark, brooding, and ultimately depressing arrival that has no idea why these characters are so well regarded for countless people. Maybe the animated series by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm got heavy at points, but it never got to the point where it makes you want to slit your own wrists. Look at this scene from an incredibly entertaining, ninety minute crossover from the original animated series. These two are getting in each other’s faces and making some vague threats. But not once am I rolling my eyes or hearing characters asking one another if ‘they bleed’ or not.

Later on you are going to see the baddies in Lex Luthor, The Joker, and Harley Quinn. All of them have been bastardized to whatever the hell WB makes them in this weekend’s release and the upcoming Suicide Squad. It’s not the actors fault mind you, this is all solely based on the executives and creators who went this route to make Joker some sort of tattooed covered punk or whatever the hell Harley Quinn has turned into.

I sound like a raging fanboy so my apologies if you are getting the ultimate image of what kind of “nerd” I am. But you got to remember this: Batman, Superman, and their corners of the DC Universe was my childhood. I watched so much of the animated universe and read so much of their comic exploits that it is hard not to be a little judgmental. But hey, I LOVED the Nolan films for Batman and a portion of the Christopher Reeves Superman. These characters can be done incredibly well on the big screen. This new batch we’re getting though for now and possible years to come? Not my Batman. Not my Superman. Not my DC Universe.


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