Today in Photoshop: Pumping Steroids

Steroids is a complicated subject especially in the world of sports. Most condemn it for the fact it makes too much of a competitive advantage. While others are totally okay with it because, like in Baseball, it “improves” the enjoyment of watching. Funhaus member James Willems has been vocal on this subject at random points in his YouTube career. Surprisingly taking a somewhat positive stance on the subject even though the man is a die-hard health/exercise freak. Which is why it was even MORE surprising he recently released a documentary on the subject…

Even though James looks more like he has sunburn this is a very good photoshop in my opinion. It took a long ass time to get rid of the annoying, background colors on the edges of James’ face but after using the blur tool (which I am getting better at) it looks pretty natural. Especially around the neck area even though, again, James’ face is a bit too red so you can see the line.

But I find this to be a very funny image. The smug smile James carries, the little face of James in the bottom to hide Arnold Schwarnegger again (the other two images are too small to really notice), the titles, and then finally the syringe to the bicep. It just makes me laugh every time I see it. Also, shockingly this was a poor photoshop of the original DVD cover I found online to meld this images together. So, again, using the blur tool I made it look more natural rather than the jaggy edges Arnold’s arm had all over. Do not tell me when you see this image you WOULDN’T want to at least see what is going on inside this maddening documentary.


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