Today in Photoshop: FunDevil Season 2

This weekend, like a lot of people, I binged watch the second season of Daredevil. Overall it was a pretty decent second season where Jon Bernthal pretty much ran around circles with the rest of the cast as The Punisher. It might come across more as a negative but this series does have its issues in both being a superhero adaptation and as a whole a drama. It still is nice though that, for the most part, Marvel/Disney seem to get most of the character(s) right on this show.

You can see where this is going. My fandom of Funhaus let met want to blend the two subjects together. There was an image that Netflix uses in the menu to highlight the three, main comic characters for the second season. So, with the help of some manipulation I want to show you what I came up with:

FunDevil Season 2

I am getting more comfortable using the blur tool to hide the more, obvious erasing I make. James head (The Punisher) might be a little big but the pouty face he makes was too hard to resist. The other two I am more pleased with because it is subtle thanks to the mask. Adam’s beard chin blends incredibly well with Cox’s Daredevil. Same goes for Elyse with her crazy eyes when I put her over Elektra’s barely exposed face. The last thing I played around with was the lighting which was pretty new to me. Photoshop is incredible because it has SO many options to play with.  I can literally go into a setting to manipulate the lighting for each, individual person. So I tried my best to match the lighting of all three as close to the original image as poster. Again, I think James is a little off but the other two work surprisingly well. Overall this was a combination that blends well together and made me happy as a result.


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