Today in Photoshop: Nonstop Funhaus Action

So I had a pretty interesting idea when coming up with some more photoshop ideas. I am a fan of wrestling although I must admit it has been a while since I have watched it full time. However I still know a thing or two from the old days, preferably from the mid-80s to around the early 2010s. At this point you’ve seen a lot of my photoshops with the Funhaus gang and you can see where these two loves are about to connect. I made up a wrestling brand called NFA (Nonstop Funhaus Action) and then figured out which Funhaus personality would work best with a wrestler. So enjoy the bizarre, Frankenstein-like promotion I created.

Razor AdamAdam “Razor” Kovic (Adam Kovic meets Razor Ramon)

Rowdy Roddy BruceRowdy Roddy Greene (Bruce Greene meets Rowdy Roddy Piper)

James Benoit

James Benoit (James Willems meets Chris Benoit) *James has an unhealthy position with the dead/murderer Benoit*

Macho Man LawrenceMacho Man Lawrence Sonntag (Lawrence Sonntag meets Macho man Randy Savage) *Out of everything you see here this is my proudest combination*

Joel MarellaJoel Marella (Joel Rubin meets Santino Marella)

Elyse Stratus

Elyse Stratus (Elyse Willems meets Trish Stratus)

CM Peake 2

CM Pe/\ke (Matt Peake meets CM Punk)

OmaritoOmarito (Omar de Armas meets Carlito)

Sean BryanSpoole Bryan (Spoole meets Daniel Bryan)


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