Today in Photoshop: The Stryker Brothers Take on Spring Break

We all love Spring Break and we all love bad, 1980s action movies. So what better way than to combine the two thanks to We Hate Movies?

Based on their episode of Nightmare Beach, both Stephen Sadjak (left) and Eric Szyszka (right) wanted to change their last name to ‘Stryker’. Then, thanks to the theme of the movie they covered, they wanted to play in a movie where they play as cops taking on the scum during Spring Break. So this bizarre mashup just came up into my brain. I’m pleased with it overall although the font could be better. That and Stephen’s only real image online is where the bright sun is on him. So he looks a little too bright over this image. But hey, I still want to watch this movie if they ever get around to making it.


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