Today in Photoshop: Funhaus Wrestlemania

On today’s venture in Photoshop I need to explain a lot of what’s going on below:

Okay so here’s the explanations. A long time ago on Funhaus, Lawrence Sonntag decided he can beat Ben Affleck in a fight. And more recently on an episode of Open Haus Matt Peake (aka Pe/\ke) started a smackdown on Gerard Butler. So, what better way to visualize all of this nonsense than with an actual poster for how their fights would be advertised?

There’s A LOT about this I ended up loving. The heads matching and color correcting as close as possible to these tanned Gods. Finding the best photos for each of those heads by the way were actually pretty good especially with Lawrence’s matching perfectly with Macho Man’s hair. (Although I wish I could’ve found a slightly more tilted head for Batfleck but it’s not too bad.) Plus getting rid of the obvious roman numerals and replacing the text worked out better than expected. Although the only real issue was Gerard Butler’s text cause with the font type of the other three it couldn’t match with Butler’s. But hey, it’s perfectly fine and the idea of putting red in Peake’s “symbol” makes up for it for me.

And here is something I cooked up later in the week after originally making the poster. James Willems personally asked on a Reddit thread if I could make him Mean Gene Okerlund. So, of course, I decided to help that dream become reality. It’s a little rough around the edges but I’m overall pleased with the outcome. Especially since I learned how to use Blurring/coloring effects to match it as close as I could. I wish I could actually get a screengrab of the infamous “Cream of the Crop” interview but none shockingly exists on the internet (at least with good quality that is). Thankfully Macho Man had his fair share of ridiculous interviews with Gene so this one involving a tiny cup is good enough for me.

All of it leads up to the iconic moment from this big match up: LAWRENCE THROWING BATFLECK OVER THE TOP ROPE!


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