Out and About in LA: Redondo Beach

Last week you saw my many adventures, and many pictures, of Manhattan Beach. This week I decided to venture further South by hitting up Redondo Beach. Now Redondo, as far as I can tell, is immensely  bigger and is a much better beach than Manhattan. No offense to the people of Manhattan Beach but there just isn’t enough variety like Redondo. Anyways, with my new friend in Brian we both walked a good portion of the beach for your (and our) enjoyment.

Our first introduction to Redondo which almost turns me into a boat man. Look at that view!
This is kind of a mini-boardwalk. Unfortunately most of it was closed during the day but I hear it is a pretty hopping place at night.

Shockingly there are a lot of fishermen for this shore.
Like crabs!

And more crabs!
At least the lobsters are fighting back.

I feel like I should dress up in a white dress and mourn my dead husband…
Same rock formation, same gorgeous view.

Even the birds are enjoying the view.


Palos Verdes in the distance.

Someone fishing off the docks.
Finally hitting the beach.

Either that’s seaweed or the start of a new Return of a Living Dead corpse.
New rock formation in the distance.

Best view I could get of algae, mollusks, and what not at the rocks. (Never claimed I was a nature documentarian).
Brian thought about walking out further in but decided better of it.


Reverse view of the beach.

Redondo Landing
Barney’s Beanery aka Our Spot for Lunch.

My lunch: Cali Burger (Well done burger, bacon, cheese, lettuce, and guacamole) and seasoned fries.
Inside of Barney’s Beanery.

While walking back to the car we saw this military chopper flying right by the shore. No idea what was the deal there but I didn’t pay too much attention because…
…I was too busy eating my churro.


And that’s Redondo Beach! I mean I know that is not ALL of Redondo but I am pretty sure this pier/boardwalk is the main attraction of the area. I really enjoyed it even though it was off-season/closing time for some of the attractions. Either way it’s a gorgeous beach and I would recommend even on an “off” day it is some of the best views of a shore you’ll ever see. But, more importantly, I enjoyed the day thanks to hanging out with my friend Brian. I first met him thanks to a mutual friendship with a co-worker of mine back when I was with NFL Network (ironically he would also be a co-worker a few days after I met him). He’s a really great friend and I am happy to have met someone to hang out with and chat since moving here to Los Angeles. Here’s looking at you Brian!


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