Today in Photoshop: Playing Around

Nothing too serious when it comes to today’s round of Photoshop. Just playing around with some of the filters/effects the program has to offer. Below you will see a screen grab from my go to test subjects in Funhaus:


In the next photo you’ll see I cropped the photo to get rid of the YouTube information. Then I color corrected the photo using the color corrector and curve features. That way they are not as red as they are in the original image.Funhaus Color Correction

In this photo I played around with the colors some more to give it a brush effect. I wanted to actually make an oil painting effect but unfortunately it is not yet in my version that I own.Funhaus Waking Life

The next set of photos are me creating an effect for each individual member of Funhaus. James now gets a speed effect out ala The Flash thanks to the speed motion effect.The Flash

Bruce suddenly becomes a monster with the warp effect. (Note the weird outline where his right shoulder used to be. That’s something from using the polygonal lasso tool which I wasn’t sure how to get rid of.)The Flash and Mr Warp

Finally we have the Static effect on Adam thanks to the Noise effect. Don’t know why but this is my favorite out of the three. Mostly because I took three men and turned them into three, separate monsters.The Flash and mr Warp and Static X


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