Today in Photoshop: Three Men and a Lawrence

Get ready for a horrifying image…

Don’t ask me why I decided on this merge but I am SO happy with how it went. Yeah, once again Bruce’s face is an obvious overlay and this weird white blur is on top of Adam’s head. But god damn if James and Lawrence’s face (the baby) doesn’t make me laugh every time I see it. I was totally not expecting for James to look like a squirrel cause I tried to save Tom Selleck’s sweet stache for this photoshop. And what can’t be said about Lawrence with that face and those eyebrows? Just glorious. One thing for sure is that I need to figure out how to find the right text for replacing names. I am a decent eye for color but Adam’s and James’ name aren’t close to Ted Danson’s font. And I couldn’t replace his with Bruce’s because his font was so light it wouldn’t recognize if it exists. Anyways, this is a glorious piece of photoshop and for my money the best I’ve done since using it.


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