Today in Photoshop: WHM Podcast Presents The Wolverine 4

For today’s Photoshop it is another fandom piece. But this time instead of Funhaus I am going to another amazing set of comedians with the We Hate Movies podcast. They are a podcast that loves to cover bad movies and their most recent episode in The Shadow they talk about unrealistic body types in superhero movies. This, in turn, led to them discussing how they would like to be involved with another Wolverine sequel where Eric Szyszka will play Sabretooth and Stephen Sajdak (and their third partner in Andrew Jupin directs). So you know where this is going…

WHM Wolverine.png

I need to learn why two layers can’t be auto-blended into an image cause that became a huge point of contention when making this.  On the left we see Eric as Sabretooth and Stephen is Wolverine on the right. (This is a still from a scene in X-Men Origins: Wolverine by the way which is a film NO ONE should watch.) With Eric I was able to blend his face pretty well and honestly the mood lighting that accidentally occurred made it work for me. But on the right with Stephen’s fact I couldn’t blend it for whatever reason. I’m sure it is an easy fix in that it’s a simple button press but for now it was a simple copy and paste. Add in some color correction and lighting effects and I am somewhat okay with what turned out.

Obviously not my best work including the text which could’ve been done better. But overall it’s funny enough for me to enjoy and the guys at the podcast enjoyed it too if social media is any indication.


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