Out and About in LA: Manhattan Beach

If there is one thing Los Angeles has an abundance of is beaches. (Shockingly a source involving water that ISN’T being depleted). I’ve been to Venice (twice), to Santa Monica, and been around the Pacific Coast Highway. What’s amazing about all of these places is how they are so vastly different from one another. One of my goals for my time here in LA is to visit all of the beaches and in time that will happen. For now though we are taking it one day as a time and today I look at Manhattan Beach.

Snuggled below Marina Del Ray and El Segundo, Manhattan Beach is the start of several beaches down the Southeast of LA. While it doesn’t have the boardwalk or people watching aspects of Venice (which I love) it still has one hell of a view for almost two and a half miles. If you’ve never been and you enjoy walking on the beach this is a prime location. The other two beaches, Hermosa and Redondo, will be visited as well but for now just enjoy what Manhattan Beach has to offer.

Beginning of Manhattan Beach
In the distance you can see the Santa Monica Mountains

Not sure why I took a picture of this but I like the design of these steps
There is literally no bad angle of this beach

The start of the 2.2 mile walk. Again, not a boardwalk but these people who live by this walkway are lucky as hell.
One thing not so lucky? The terrible inclines they have to endure if they want to get back on the main road.

One of many gardens lined throughout the walkway
More proof there is no bad angle of Manhattan Beach


People exercising by the beach. Not even close to the awesomeness of Muscle Beach at Venice though.

Getting closer to the Pier

Getting into the pier
View of the beach by the pier

Another view by pier
View of the ocean straight ahead. Japan and/or China is somewhere on the right.

Entrance to the Pier’s Aquarium. Not really that impressive so no pics taken other than this kick-ass shark.


Pier looking out to Manhattan Blvd.

End of the line at Manhattan Beach! Again, not a single bad view shown cause it’s impossible. A couple of miles down South from here is Redondo Beach. Stay tuned next week to see what that place is like!


One thought on “Out and About in LA: Manhattan Beach

  1. Manhattan Beach is not snuggled between El Segundo and Marina del Rey but rather between El Segundo and Hermosa Beach.


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