Today in Photoshop: Bohemian Funhaus

In today’s Photoshop we see the Funhaus boys in their natural habitat: THE MUSICAL STAGE!

It seems really natural for these four to be apart of the greatest band in the history of Rock. You know what is also natural? God damn Joel Rubin being Billy May! Look at that face! He was born to be a rock star. Then James as John Deacon who also fits in quite well despite the lighting being a tiny bit off. Bruce Greene as Roger Taylor is a bit…well it’s a bit rough. Even though I blended in his face to the picture the lighting of this still incredibly off especially to Taylor. So Bruce doesn’t look like he blended in which he totally is. Even with mixing the contrast I couldn’t make it look as obvious as it is. Finally the leader of Funhaus, Adam, seems perfect for Freddie Mercury. His blending in effect had the opposite reaction to Bruce’s. His face goes well with Mercury’s but it looks like he has ┬ásuper elongated cheeks.

This, to me, is pretty darn good despite the more obvious edits. I will soon not take these obvious edits as law and will do my darnedest to work more at blending these figures in a bit better. Even still: Who wouldn’t want to rock out to this super group?


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