Today in Photoshop: Funhaus Stooges

Welcome to another addition of Today in Photoshop. Today we have my second ever attempt at this and also another Funhaus appreciation.

Overall I am very pleased with how this went although you can see some of the obvious edits. I tried my best to blend in Bruce and Adam’s face to the actual faces of Larry & Moe. But no matter how much tinkering with the edges and contrast it was just too obvious the more I tinkered with it. The shocking part though is how much of a natural Curly James Willems is. That was the first edit I did and it took absolutely no time at all to fit together. The text was also pretty easy too although Photoshop doesn’t have a ‘Three Stooges’ font like you’d see in the original image.

Again I’m happy with this cause it was a much more difficult venture than my first ever attempt. I will eventually get out of the Funhaus mode but because they provide so much headshots to the fanbase it’ll be hard with so much at the table for me to choose from. Hope you all enjoyed this and I’ll be back for another round of Photoshop another day.


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