Out and About in LA: Little Tokyo

Welcome back to our second straight week of enjoying the Asian side of Los Angeles. Last week was Koreatown and this week we are going to the aptly named Little Tokyo. (Don’t forget I visited Chinatown way back when last summer.) I honestly was not prepared for how incredibly tiny this neighborhood is. Considering how close we are, or relative anyways, to Japan I expected a neighborhood solely dedicated to the Japanese be much bigger. But to be honest it is about maybe two blocks wide and long so it is honestly not as impressive as I thought it was gonna be. But hey, I still had fun walking around the neighborhood and as you’ll see there is just enough here to enjoy a light afternoon. Or if you want hit this place up and go to one of the many other locales right smack dab in this area of LA. For now enjoy what Little Tokyo has to offer below:

Here’s an impressive view of City Hall by Grand Park. I’ll have to come back to this eventually when the season is right.
Here is the Japanese American National Museum. Another, future article I’m sure (was closed sadly as this visit occurred).

Entrance to the Japanese Village Plaza (aka the main attraction to Little Tokyo).

Going inside the Plaza
Just like a real Japanese translation: Not Subtle.

Going Deeper
If you have a girlfriend this will be her kind of store.

Hello Kitty store.

Is it weird only three dudes were inside (myself included) as customers?
Stone monument and Tree.

I am sure there is some significance to this but I can’t figure out what it is.
Never went in, it would ruin the illusion of the best store name ever.

Next series of shots are from the James Irvine Japanese Garden. Very secluded, tucked in a corner near a theatre, and it is very gorgeous. Shame it isn’t technically open to the public. But snuck some shots in either way.

Up next, in the same area, are monuments dedicating the brave Japanese-American soldiers who fought for our country in several U.S. wars. This is WWII.

Vietnam War.
Korean War.

This is a statue dedicating Chiune Sugihara aka the ‘Japanese Oskar Schindler’. While living in Lithuania he was able to escort 6,000 Jewish citizens out of the country to Japanese territories thanks to his power as a consul. Many don’t know who he is so it is nice we were able to memorialize him….Although putting a Starbucks and Quiznos in the same spot is a bit insulting in my view.
A statue of a Japanese schoolboy?

Lovely mural right behind Little Tokyo.
Nijiya Market aka ‘Best Supermarket Ever’.

Everything made from Japan!
Look at all those unique Kit Kats and Oreos!

Cheesecake Kit Kat’s!? They are truly advanced…


A variety of potato chips.

Eh…I’ll pass…
Lunch time: Sushi Teri. Not a bad little place to have some local food, although judging from the inside it seems like a generic restaurant.

My meal: Chicken Bento Box Combo (Rice, 4 California Rolls, Chicken Teriyaki, Salad, and Vegetable Tempura)


Dessert: Mikawaya

So what is Mochi?
Mochi is a unique way of eating ice cream. Basically it is ice cream inside a doughy ball. No idea how the science of this works but god damn it is amazing. Just pop one of these in your mouth (Vanilla and Chocolate shown) and you get an amazing combo.

On the way back to the subway home I saw a group of people getting ready to film a scene involving this kick ass car.

Lots of weird extras too so I can’t decide if it is a commercial shoot or a short film.
I want to work in post production mainly but if I could work with stuff like this I wouldn’t be upset either.


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