Today in Photoshop: The Great Kovic


A few days ago I finally got my hands on Adobe Photoshop. If you aren’t aware, Photoshop is software where you can manipulate any image of your choosing. Think of it as a Picture Editor in the same way Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro is a Video Editor. It might seem like an oddly specific thing to master but Photoshop is HIGHLY regarded in the field of production today. Heck, a lot of jobs I miss out on because I am not really a slight master of it. So with this new series I will periodically showcase my creations to you all. In hopes that A) You find them entertaining but B) to show my evolution with this program.

Case in point with today’s first entry. Adam Kovic is a man I admire because, like me, he worked his way up to get where he is today with his fantastic YouTube Channel in Funhaus. He has his own channel however which covers a variety of topics with one being Photoshop tutorials. So I felt it was a nice honor to make my first ever Photoshop involve him in some capacity. On Dude Soup, his collaborative podcast, he recently vented his slight annoyance over the film The Great Gatsby. So below I pay tribute to:


As you can see…it shows that I need some more practice. Not a terrible mask of replacing Leonardo DiCaprio’s lovely face with Adam’s; but it is definitely rough. Not so much on he lower half of his face but his forehead was just a bit too difficult to match hence why it is so jagged. Plus Leo’s ring finger on the martini glass is slightly cut off in the middle of a crop and it would take an entire re-do since I saved over that mistake. Ultimately I think my mistake was to cut off Leo AND Kovic’s face rather then just do a simple layer and cut off the extraneous material. But hey, I am ultimately happy with how it turned out despite the mistakes cause the overlay is surprisingly close. I am sure that given time, and maybe down the road I will redo it to show my improvements, mistakes like this will be smoothed out in the future.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this first of what I hope will be an ongoing series now that I have this incredible software at my disposal. Not sure if this will be on a consistent schedule, if any, but please come back daily to read all the content at OH MOVIES regardless.


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