Out and About in LA: Koreatown

You guys might remember last summer I went to Chinatown for a hot afternoon. It was a fun experience but it is not the only, Asian-centric neighborhood in Los Angeles. So that’s why these next two weeks I will be exploring the other neighborhoods that have an Asian flare to them. Today I explored Koreatown which is just southeast of Hollywood (as you’ll see it’s closer then you expect). Koreatown is known for it incredible food and nightclubs; the former I tried while the latter is a no chance in hell situation. (You’ll never see this booty bounce.) Anyways, there is more to K-Town then just the food so let me give you some of the sights that populate this area:

Right off the bat I get off the Wilshire/Western subway stop to go to this innocent mall. What’s in there you ask?
DAISO JAPAN! Essentially a bizarre, Japan CVS. There’s a lot of items you would see from a convenience store but will some slight twists like…

Insta-Boobs! Couldn’t tell you the translation but basically you just squeeze these tiny balls and they puff into….well breasts. Here’s a video from Rooster Teeth to showcase it. (Side note: This is in the CHILDREN’S section.)
And…Whatever the hell this is…
Just down the road is The Wiltern! An iconic concert hall still in use today.

I imagine Gangnam Style is playing 24/7 constantly.

This right here is the Aroma Golf Range a sports facility center for people to practice their golf skills! It’s something I’ve never seen before in a city setting so you bet that this was closed at the time I visited the neighborhood. Bummer.

Here is the Wilshire Boulevard Temple, a famous Jewish Temple that houses a bunch of artwork. Also, unable to get in without permission. Double Bummer.
Closer look at the design of the archways.

Walked by these ads while going to next stop. Would love to do either one of these.
Passing a school

See? Told ya you are close to Hollywood!


Next stop is the China Harbin Deer Antler Trading Company. A place that sells “Chinese” medicine and home remedies. Let me tell you, it’s kinda scary.

See? Also very smelly.
Passed by a bunch of these in my walks. It’s apparently a restaurant/dessert place. I forget that Asian communities LOVE Paris and romanticize about it constantly. So it makes sense.

Want some of that Cass
Lunch for the day: The Bun Shop

Pretty sweet decor
Lunch: Two Buns and some fries. Let me tell ya: These buns, which are Spicy Pork and Breaded Chicken, were delicious. But those fries? God damn. Best fries I’ve ever had.

On the way to my final destination police was hovering above. Being so close to Hollywood it doesn’t surprise me.
Not sure why but I find this building to be charming. Mustard yellow and so many signs.

Creepy ass kiddie ride by a Mexican restaurant

Final Destination: California Donuts! A very famous donut shop that is known for it’s crazy flavors.

One such flavor: Donuts with Fruity Pebbles


Either those are Oreos or REAL Panda pieces


Donuts with CTC, Strawberries, and Lucky Charms

I personally went for the Butterfinger Donut


So that was my trip to Koreatown! Obviously there is more to this place but I hope you enjoyed this small sample. Definitely will be coming back. Just remember: Creepy, wooden angels will project you whenever you decide to visit.


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